Wake up, Monday.
My studio just turned into a real studio for the video shoot, green screen and lighting and so on, crazy. I have to still sleep here until Thursday.

I feel strange today, maybe because of my contact lense wearing more than one day straight. Since we had a Sauna night at the Estonian cabin that they took me yesterday afternoon, I feel like jetlagging today.

This afternoon, Siim and I rafted 1 hour on the lake, trying to move the floating bench to the other shore. We have to continue tomorrow when it is less windy.

I craved for junk food for some reason that I had to have a chocolate ice cream bar. This made me feel better for my weired day to finish up.

Tomorrow will be another day.
Strange day....

cool down there after the hot sauna to jump

I don't eat it normally, but..
On your left, ancient Estonian style rebuilded wall, on your right, from the Soviet time factory.
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