Star hours EX
Last night, I finally steped outside the house to check
the sky. There was a deep starry night like sugar

People here think I am a teenager or in my early 20s, and
that a new student is here.
I am slowly getting used to the outside world of this
My third visit to the local house was in the block house.
It is such an honor to be invited to go inside their
territories. The lady showed me her beautiful crocheted
table cloth and so on. They are made from linen, something
of a specialty of Estonia. Then, she gave me her
masterpiece table cloth as a gift for me to remember.
She has been a widow for over 30 years.
Such a meeting and moment, I am sure it will all influence
my life in many ways, such a grateful day!
Mari has been coming with me to all the photo shoots to
translate. Thank you also to Mari.
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