Mooste, Estonia
The two shows are up, now I am in Estonia this month for the residency. As if I escaped to a perfect forest and nature, I am surrounded by the old farmers storages from the Soviet time as well as the former Vodka factory complex that are now turned into a school.
This will be the encounter of ancient, ex-soviet, new EU wave experience in the countryside of Estonia.
I have been struggling with making a heat in my studio. This is a wooden stove, but I can't make the proper fire.

This is my first cooked meal here. I will probably cook the similar thing for awhile.

Peggy at Miami opening, great supporter !
The most happiest thing was the Bolivian-Okinawan 2nd generation family came to my talk. They are living in Miami. Thank you so much for invitation to this show. It makes so much sense to show Okinawa ark here in Miami, USA.
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