I recently thought about one thing deeply, recalling my show of Okinawa ark. Some of the reactions from people, who saw the show...when they realized what they are looking at as much as they thought about the content as 'Documentary' of an immigration. What is the problem?
Some seemed disappointed, knowing that the reality of their lives being so difficult or knowing something new. If the art can't deliver the meaning or the contents, what am I doing here? just expressing some fluffs of beauty? Yes, this is also an art, but in the space such as a gallery,
for some people, they would be disappointed to see a hard core documentary. Rather, they might be happier to see a personal voice whatever that is, than being fed load of information like the news media.
Well, I thought about it and questioned, why do people rather want to avoid in-your-face reality in such space? why the quality of 'documentary' is being opposed? Maybe the galley need to be sacred?!
Perhaps, the work was too weak that I couldn't transcend the meaning of my work into an artistic view, but just 'documentary.'
The topic of Okinawa Ark could be sensetive, but is it? I am just a bit confused, because some art scens contain political contexts, which emphasized the strenght of the work, I believe. is it because of Japan ? aren' we just sucked into the consumerism?
The art exists in free forms. It's own taste to judge what is documentary or not or fiction or whatever. I don't care. Everything must be the truth, I think.
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