If this is a dream, we want to wake up from it.
 On 3.11, North part of Japan had attacked by the mega scale earthquake, where I am from. Since then, I've been obsessively paying attention to the news hoping for the fast recovery. My house, my family are all fine there. However, other people who have lost their lives and house, I am very sorry for. I really want the whole scenario is a dream so finally when we wake up, things are the way it was.
I just talked to my sister on the phone today, worrying about the radiation level. They go to work, trying to have their normal lives back desperately. She told me they go to work because we all want the fast recovery in the midst of radiation alert. Well, her work place at Tohoku University Agricultural dept. measures the nuclear level every hour, which tell them the level hasn't been raise at all, so it is a good news for the area.
I just sent a package of energy bars and non-water use shampoo. They are staying strong, even without food, water, and electricity.
I also received an email from Shiga Lieko san who is a friend living by the Sendai airport. She has been through a lot since hosted by one of the shelters. She said, "it is our fault that we consumed too much electricity"  it is true. We're always used to have water and electricity. I keep thinking about the village in Estonia, where i was two years ago with self-sustained lives. They know how to live in the wood, how to start the fire, how to get the water, how to preserve vegetable...etc.
well, I just hope they all have enough food, water, warm blanket, medicine, gas,. 

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| Kiyoko OTSUKA | 2011/03/21 12:07 AM |
Dear Kanako..so glad to read your last post andknow you are safe..for some reason I thought yr current show was inssendai....plzewrite an email. Sending loveBarbara..
| barbara adams | 2011/03/21 5:03 AM |