These days
It has been very busy... getting to know how things around,
preparing for shootings etc.
Le 104 is a great place, though. I started to know what this place is for, it is for the community, plus the cafe serves wonderful dishes. I visited other resident artist's open studio today and a screening in the evening, which was nice. It is a bit far from the center of the city, but I am happy, gradually meeting Parians.

ps. thank you for interested in helping my project. It will be mostly for volunteer works. hope to see you soon.
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Dear Kanako Sasaki,

I thought this was the best way to contact you (via your diary) to tell you how taken I am with your photographs, which I discovered yesterday (cover photo on Japanese Exposures). I spent a bunch of hours looking at your work and reading some of the things you had to say about it (the interview at NYMPHOTO & on the MoKs site). You’re very articulate and I can see that words are entwined with the photography. The intersection between history and personal memory, which you talk about, is a subject that has occupied me for a long time. How to get the photographic surface to hold, or at least suggest, personal and historical depth. Hopper does this in his painting with his powerful ability to isolate and create a tension between a beautiful formality and a discrete upwelling of light and personal drama - as you seem to suggest, some sort of fusion between dream and realism. I noticed you’re living in Paris. Hope you can read Proust, if you’ve not already. He has these same qualities. I live in Portugal with my wife and three or four cats (depends), and I make my living mostly by translating and writing essays. But poetry is my principal activity. Here’s a link to my latest published stuff (a series of blogs (essays really) dealing with poetry, but also with the visual arts - ). I am also very much into photography, doing it, looking at it, and painting. Though I don’t paint anymore. I’m American and have been living in Europe for a very long time. In fact I used to live in Paris. I was almost born in Japan. My parents lived there for three years after the Korean war, and they brought their experience back to the states with them. I learned a lot about Japanese art and poetry when I was young. I hope you’ll respond to this message if you have time and tell me more about your work and how you find life in Paris.
Martin Earl
| Martin Earl | 2010/03/01 12:47 AM |
Dear Martin
Thank you so much for such a delighted mail, which made my day!
I am sorry I only discovered your message now. Currently, I am in Japan, recovering and preparing for the next project. thank you for your lovely mail... I keep produce...
| kanako | 2010/04/15 9:21 PM |